Shinva Medical Drying Cabinet YGZ-500 Series

Shinva Medical Drying Cabinet YGZ-500 Series

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YGZ-500 series bench-top drying cabinet is kind of small-size drying equipment developed according to the market demand. It is mainly used for drying of surgical operating Instrument. stainless steel dish and bowl, glass ware and plastic items.

Drying temperature setting range: 40-90 C (adjustable) ~ Drying time setting range: 0-9999s (adjustable).


  • It is a small-sized and time-saving drying cabinet which is applicable for operating room or works with low temperature sterilizer to improve the turnover of precision instrument.
  • Materials
    The whole chamber adopts 304 stainless steel board and thermal insulation jacket to avoid heat lost;
    The double-glazing door is designed like a glass window for avoiding heat lost and monitoring the Inside working.
  • Application
    It is applicable for hospitals, health institutions. scientific research institutions and laboratories.
    It is the best choice for drying of glass ware or stainless steel operating instrument.