Shinva 100% Ethylene Oxide Gas Sterilizer

Shinva 100% Ethylene Oxide Gas Sterilizer

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XG2. C series sterilizer takes 100% ethylene oxide (EO) gas as sterilization medium. It Is mainly used to make sterilization for precise medical instrument, optical instrument, and medical electronic instrument. plastic and medical materials that cannot bear with high temperature and wet sterilization.

EO gas is one of the most efficient low temperature sterilization agents. It has advantage of wide-pedigree bacterium killing range, strong penetrability, no damage and pollution, Basy and reliable chemical and biological monitoring method.


  • Negative pressure in whole cycle
    Chamber pressure is always negative rn whole cycle ensures EO gas no leakage to outside dunng working.
  • Safety EO gas puncture device
    EO gas can automatically punctured by special device in the chamber, no need human Intervention.
  • Chamber pressure real-time monitoring function:
    Any pressure abnormal in the chamber will cause the machine alarm.
  • Efficient ventilation system
    Automatic pulse Vacuum ventilation ensures EO gas exhaust thoroughly.
  • Door interlock
    The door cannot be opened While program is running.
  • EO gas concentration monitor (optional)
    Accuracy: 0.1 PPM, portable design,
  • Accurate parameter control
    Sterilization temperature, humidity, pressure and time data are collected by relative sensor and transferred to PLC.
  • Perfect chamber temperature conducting
    Chamber is made of aluminum alloy which has good thermal conductivity makes chamber temperature conducting fast and uniformity.
  • Dual sterilization temperature choices
    High temperature ss·c, Low temperature 37’C.
  • Humidify control system
    Humidity sensor in high accuracy ensures chamber humidity keep in stable level.
  • Power off memory function
    Once power off, the sterilization data will be saved automatically and will automatically continue the sterilization when power on.