Shinva LMQ.C Vertical Steam Sterilizer Semi Automatic Model

Shinva LMQ.C Vertical Steam Sterilizer Semi Automatic Model

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LMQ.C series is one of the vertical sterilizers. It takes steam as its sterilization medium which is safe and economic. They are common used in small hospital, clinic, health care institution, laboratory to make the sterilization for fabric, utensils, culture medium, unsealed liquid, rubber, etc.

The design of chamber accords with state GB1502011, GB8599-2008, CE and EN285 standard.


  • Manual water injection, exhausting and drainage system
  • Automatic control of heating and sterilizing process
  • Manual dynamic pulsed exhausting function, totally exhaust the cold air from chamber to guarantee steam saturation
  • Horizontal sliding door equipped with reliable self-rising sealing gasket, convenient operation
  • Over-heat auto protection device, door safety lock device, overpressure relief valve, short-circuit protection, overpressure protection and insulated door cover