Shinva Center-HGZ Endoscope Storage Cabinet

Shinva Center-HGZ Endoscope Storage Cabinet

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Endoscope dry and storage is a very important link in the process of endoscope washing and disinfection. It directly relates to whether the endoscope storage is safe and whether the endoscope can be used directly and doesn’t need to be washed and disinfected again.

Center-HGZ series endoscope storage cabinet is designed and developed according to the standard of Flexible Endoscope Disinfection Technical Specification and the factual condition of flexible endoscope storage all over the world, It adopts vertical hang as endoscope storage mode, Which is required by Chinese national regulation and it suitable for all brands of endoscopes. The chamber structure is optimized and the capacity in improved to 9 sets of endoscopes.

The new concept and design including intelligent storage, long-term effective storage and retrospective storage is imported on the product, realizing safe storage. controllability and traceability.


  • Initiative new arc appearance.
  • 5.7 -inch color touch control screen.
  • Chamber integral forming, easy clean without bacteria residue.
  • Tempered glass door is easy for observing chamber inner condition.
  • Smart password electromagnetic lock, safe and reliable.
  • Rotary type of endoscope hand system realizes 9 sets of endoscopes.
  • Four layers, including top position, middle position, low position and bottom position, locate endoscopes to realize 360 degrees protection for endoscopes.
  • LED cold light illuminator offers safe and reliable illumination without producing heat.


  • Long-term Effect Storage: 24hours positive pressure ensures outside air cannot enter chamber.
  • Intelligent storage Mode: Daily working time can be set separately. auto start and stop, High Efficient and Energy-saving
  • Clean Storage; 0.3um HEPA replaces UV sterilization, guaranteeing the sterility of air.
  • Intensified Dry Function: The sterile air supplied by medical level of air compressor and 0.3um HEPA dries the external and internal chamber, avoiding endoscope scarfskin damage resulted from heat air and second pollution resulted from unqualified air.
  • Storage Capacity: Center-HGZ endoscope storage cabinet could store 9 endoscopes. Center-GZ1 could store 6 endoscopes and Center-GZ2 could store 12 endoscopes.
  • Endoscope Storage Tracing System: It could scan endoscope information, trace the record of storage time and storage environment, guaranteeing the storage process is safe. (Optional)
  • Automatic Monitoring: It could monitor storage environment parameters, such as storage temperature, ventilation pressure, humidity, guaranteeing the storage environment is safe.