Shinva Washer-Disinfector Rapid-A-520

Shinva Washer-Disinfector Rapid-A-520

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Rapid-A-520 automatic washer-disinfector is high efficient washing equipment that researched and developed according to hospital actual situation. It is widely used for washing and disinfection of surgical instruments, wares, medical trays and plates, anesthesia instruments and corrugated hose in hospital CSSD or operating room.

The greatest advantage of the equipment is labor-saving with fast washing speed which could shorten 1/3 operation time than ever.


  • Superb chamber design and process
    The conical chamber in SUS316L is stretch forming at one time without dead corner and welding joint, which is better for smoothly draining and water saving.
  • Intelligent control system
    Double sides automatic vertical sliding doors, controlled by touch screen, which is convenient and safety. Cycle process is intelligent controlled by PLC , no need labor control. All the temperature, pressure, time, process stages, alarm can be shown on the touch screen and also be recorded by the built-in printers.
  • A variety of programs
    11 preset programs and 21 user-defined programs which can be defined according to user requirements
  • Easy loading and unloading
    Manual or automatic systems for loading and unloading are available. Washing rack, transfer trolley and convey system, fit in with the design of ergonomics. easy to operate and placement.
  • Energy saving
    Washing chamber with nice water saving structure; Pre-heat water tanks and special designed rising and heating system and pipeline layout make it save 30% water and energy consumption than ever.
  • Fast and high efficiency
    Rapid-A-520 is one of the fastest washer-disinfector in the world, which the standard cycle lime is reduced to 28mins, including pre-washing, washing, 1st rising, 2nd rising, disinfection and drying. Meanwhile it can process 15 DIN trays per cycle. Water preheat system reduced the preparation time, there is no waiting time during the cycle running.