Huvitz Kaizer HAB-8000

Huvitz Kaizer HAB-8000

Huvitz Kaizer HAB-8000 Auto Blocker

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Effective multi-tasked auto blocking

Frame reading, lens centering and blocking are performed automatically by placing the lens. Maximize the efficiency by advanced digital and optical technology and user-friendly Interface.

Save time with the efficient digital scanning and hole detection of KAIZER!

• By simply placing the lens in the blocking center, the lens is displayed on screen by 1 : 1 ratio in real-time and size.
• Tracing and hole editing time can be saved dramatically by real-time simulated lens and hole detection function!
• Traced frame data, FPD, frame diameter and other key changes are transmitted to the edger in real-time.

Automatic recognition of lens center for all kinds of lenses

• Automatic lens type recognition: single vision, bi-focal, progressive, etc.
• Accurate reading of SPH, CYL, AXIS by integrated high performance lensmeter.
• No lens needs to be marked!

Extreme freedom of modifying size, axis, and shape of lens.

• The‘Digital Pattern Layout’of Huvitz KAIZER system allows users to modify lens frames with extreme ease.
• Easy rimless /semi-rimless hole editing through large and sensitive touch-screen and intuitive graphical interface menu.

Variety of supplementary features for user convenience.

• Storage drawer for lenses and blocking pads.
• Sliding dust cover for frame reader to ensure durability and precision.


Tracing Type Automatic 3D Binocular Tracing
Tracing Mode Auto, Semi-Auto
Tracing Size Frame:ø16.0~92.0mm, Pattern:ø16.0~84.0mm
Frame Material Metal, Hard Plastic, Soft Plastic
Data Processing FPD, Frame Curve, Circumference, 3D Angle, Concave Shape
Measurement SPH : -10D~+10D, CYL:±6D
Increment 0.01D
Blocking Tolerance -0.5~+0.5mm
Axis Tolerance ±1°
Blocking Method Automatic Blocking with Mechanical Arm
Blocking Pressure 3.0kgf
Lens Type Recognition Single, Bi-focal, Progressive, 3-Dot
Layout Factors FPD
PD (Binocular, Monocular)
Cyl Axis
Bridge Size
OH (△Y, Mixed Height, Box Height)
Centering Method (Box Center, Optical Center)
Edging Factors Plastic, Polycarbonate, High Index Plastic, Glass, Trivex
Bevel, Groove, Flat Edge, Polish, Safety Bevel
Functions Job Manager, Digital Pattern, Hole Editor, Digital Scanning (Shape & Hole Recognition)
Utilities LCD Tilting
SD Card Storage (Memory Included)
Barcode Reader (Optional)
Display 10.4 inch Color TFT LCD (1024 x 768) with Touch Screen
Dimensions / Weight 300(W) x 470(D) x 560(H)mm / 23kg
Power Supply AC 100~240V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 75W
Designs and details can be changed without prior notice for improvements.