Huvitz CRK-8800 Auto Ref/Keratometer

Huvitz CRK-8800 Auto Ref/Keratometer

To measure a human eye with high precision, Huvitz Wavefront Technology can be the right answer

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Unlike many conventional diagnostic device, CRK-8800 is based on the Hartmann-Shack wavefront sensor, which analyzes many focal spots of a light wavefront.

Optimized Optical System
HUVTIZ’s own developed MICRO LENSLET ARRAY creates a number of separated focal spots, of which the pattern provides valuable information about customer’s ocular system. And SLD (Super Luminescent Diode) and highly sensitive CCD offers clearer Images and secures acOlrate measurement result from a metropia, cataract and IOL.

Retro-lllumination Mode
You can see abnormal crystalline lenses, cataracts and scratches of corneas, helping you to determine how healthy the customer’s eyes are. With increase REF power, you also can check SPH, CYL and
AXIS that cannot be measured in the normal mode.

IOL Measuring Mode
CRIC-8800 determines the condition of eyes automatically to detect if there are IOLs Of cataracts and measure them

Pupil and lris Size Measurements
CRK-8800 can measure pupil cornea and iris size under 14mm in diameter by freezing the image

Easy 5etup
The user-friendly Interface allows users to set the functions more easily and the changes of settings can be done

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