Shinva Medical Drying Cabinet YGZ-1600X Series

Shinva Medical Drying Cabinet YGZ-1600X Series

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YGZ-1600X series drying cabinet is kind of high performance-price ratio equipment developed according to the market demand. It has advantages of good appearance, multiple functions. and convenient operation. It can be widely used for drying of different kinds of articles in hospital CSSD and operating room.


  • It can be used for surgical operating instrument, glass ware, stainless steel dish and bowl, breathing tube and humidification bottle. Drying temperature setting range: 40-90C (adjustable); Drying time setting range. 1-99min (adjustable).
  • Structure: The chamber adopts 304 stainless steel wire drawing board; outer cover adopts 304 stainless steel with plastic spray; the door is equipped with glass visual window.
  • Classification: Single-door and double-door.
  • Control: Independent drying programs, LCD screen, 10 sets of default programs with adjustable parameters.
  • Working ability: Large capacity that could handle 16 DIN standard instrument trays or 48 anesthesia/breathing tubes at same time.
  • The water collector which is installed on the bottom of the equipment could discharge water without door opening.
  • Multi-functional castors provide convenient transfer and equipment fixing.