RetiCam 3000

RetiCam 3000

Non-mydriatic Fundus Camera

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Intelligent operation, high-resolution imaging

RetiCam 3000 is non-mydriatic and fundus angiographic system with high resolution and is easy to operate. Equipped with Canon’s super resolution camera, it not only presents high-definition fundus images , but also includes powerful image analysis management system ,which provides necessary auxiliary approaches for fundus examination and mass screening in clinical ophthalmology and department of endocrinology.

RetiCam 3000 can also implement functions like cloud storage of data and distributed resource sharing by means of telemetry diagnosis system. so that doctors can read and analyze cases, and carry out telemedicine, etc …

•  Super-resolution imaging
•  3.3mm pupil photo ability
•  Quick and easy operation procedure
•  Comprehensive image management software