Charops CVS-1 Auto Ref / Keratometer

Charops CVS-1 Auto Ref / Keratometer

A Good Helper of Vision Screening


Chrops vision screener can screening shortsightedness, hyperopia, astigmatism,PD,pupil size and anisometropia fast and accurately. And it provides reference for prevention activities.

Test Both Eyes at One Time

Refractive diopter, PD, PD diameter, fixation asymmetry, anisometropia and other data of both eyes can be received quickly with just one test.

Rapid Measurement

1m test distance,non-contact test, safe and more sanitary, smart far and near focus prompts. The fastest measurement just need 0.1 sec.

Data Transmission

Data can be bulk imported and exported by connecting with USB stick, USB cable, WIFI.