MiiS Digitial Portable Tonometer DPT100

MiiS Digitial Portable Tonometer DPT100

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The product integrates optical, mechanical, electronic and software with miniaturized rapid photography being the core technology. This lightweight, innovative handheld digital tonometer features a new optical design and electronic control system. It is compact so that it can be used by both physicians and optometrists.

The Horus Scope Digital Portable Tonometer uses non-invasive air pressure detection. It doesn’t have to contact the patient directly, giving more comfort to the patient, and avoiding issues like infections or allergies. Easy to operate and measure quickly while best applied for clinical diagnosis and disease assessment. At the same time, the built-in memory card and the wireless transmission module mean results can be transmitted remotely through networks, which is novel and has great benefits for constructing the rural medical care and telemedicine.


1. Compact & Slim Design as an air-puff Tonometer.
2. Able to storage historical data and playback
3. With 3.5″ TFT LCD Touch Panel
4. Auto trigger: Easy to use and instinctive guidance for user
5. Tender air-puff make patient comfort