Huvitz CRK-9000 Auto Ref/Keratometer

Huvitz CRK-9000 Auto Ref/Keratometer

To measure a human eye with high precision, Ozma Wavefront Technology can be the right answer

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Wavefront Technology measures the wavefront of light reflected from the retina and the refractive power with various sensors.

3D Auto Tracking
The cutting edged auto sensor and 3 dimensional movement mechanism enables you to track down a measuring focus of an eye automatically and complete the measurement perfectly even with an inexperienced user.

High Order Aberration Map
Besides the conventional data such as Spherical, Cylinder and Axis, the high order aberration data is displayed in a graphical Zernike refraction map for better understanding of patient’s eyes and superior clinical decision making.

Color View Mode
The Full Color CCD camera and white LED light source in the auto Refractokeratometer enable you to see eyes and contact lens fitting status which was only possible with slit lamps.

Motorized Chin rest & Auto Cutting Printer
Motorized chin rest allows to set the height of the measuring point comfortably and quickly. Automatic paper cutting and one touch paper change functions are new advantages of CRK-9000.

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