Huvitz HDR-7000 Digital Refractor

Huvitz HDR-7000 Digital Refractor

Design and powerful performance show the supremacy of the HDR in satisfying all demands.

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Satisfaction, confidence and comfort

HDR-7000 realizes advanced refraction test with cutting-edge digital technology. Fulfill more precise exam with various vision tests covering basic to more sophisticated ones. Luxurious design and intuitive graphic interface meet the highest requirement of aesthetic and functional comfort.

Dual cross cylinder lens

Dual cross cylinder lens supports fast and convenient astigmatic test.

Automatic occlusion

Automatic occlusion function assists precise and comfortable astigmatic test by preventing accommodation while the lens is rotating over 45 degree or test mode is changing.

Automatic convergence

During presbyopic test or near vision acuity test, automatic convergence function makes an examinee to gaze near vision charts toward the center of refractor lenses assuring precise test.

• Working distance : 35~70cm
• Available Near PD : 50~74mm

Various kinds of near vision chart

Near vision test can be performed better with variously provided near vision charts.

LED Near Sight Illumination and Detachable Near Chart Rod

Built-in LED illumination for the near sight chart automatically recognizes the near or far sight test and turns the lighting on or off to create the best lighting needed for the test environment. Easy installation and removal of the near chart rod with a magnetic joint give you more comfort.

Accurate rotary prism

Precise prism data can be obtained by fine increment (up to 20Δ, minimum 0.1Δ increment) and automatic occlusion function is working while the prism is changing directions to assist correct test.

Various muscle balance test methods

HDR-7000 provides various muscle balance test methods such as Von Graefe Test, Schober Test, Maddox Rod Test, Polar Cross Test, etc.

Guide assistance for sophisticated tests

Friendly guides shown on the display panel provide easier processes to perform more sophisticated vision tests such as relative accommodation test or relative convergence test, etc.

Monocular PD adjustment

Many customers have slightly varied monocular PD. HDR-7000 provides independent PD for right and left eyes.

Forehead rest indicator

A sensor inside of the forehead rest notifies by showing on & off of LED indicator whether an examinee’s forehead is rested on the forehead rest to assure the most precise vertex distance.

Fast and silent lens loading

Faster lens loading helps to accommodational interference and fatigue of examinees’ eyes. Silent operation offers more comfort during the exam process.

Illuminated vertex distance check window

More accurate test is guaranteed by positioning examinees’ eyes in the correct vertex distance through the illuminated vertex distance check window.

Easy cleanup

The detachable design of the frequently contaminated parts (Forehead Rests, Face Shields, and Lens Windows) helps easier and faster cleanup.


Spherical Lense
  • -29.00~+26.75D (Regular)
  • -19.00~+16.75D (Cross Cylinder or Prism Test)
  • (0.12D / 0.25D / 0.5D / 1.0D / 2.0D / 3.0D / 4.0D Increments)
Cylinder Lense 0.00~±8.75D (0.25D / 0.5D / 1D / 2D / 3D Increments)
Cylinder Axis 0。~180。(1。/ 5。/ 15。Increments)
  • 48~80mm( 0.5 / 1mm Increments)
  • Near PD 50~74mm ( Near Working Distance : 35~70cm)
Rotary Prism 0~20Δ (0.1Δ/ 0.2Δ/ 0.5Δ/ 1Δ/ 2Δ Increments)
Cross Cylinder ±0.25D / ±0.50D / ±0.25D Dual Cross Cylinder (Split Prism Lens )
Retinoscope +1.5D, +2.0D (Measurement Distance 67cm, 50cm)
Pin Hole Lense ø2mm
Madox Rod Right Eye (Red, Horizontal ) Left Eye (Red, Vertical )
Red / Green Filter Right Eye (Red), Left Eye (Green)
Polarizing Filter Right Eye :135。, 45。/ Left Eye : 45。, 135。
Split Prism Right Eye : 6ΔBU / Left Eye :10ΔBI (up to 5ΔComplement)
Fixed Cross Cylinder ±0.50D (Fixed with the axis set at 90。
Horopter 361(W) x 108(D) x 280(H) mm / 4.74kg
Controller 216(W) x 246(D) x 225(H) mm / 1.89kg (Printer Inclusion )
Junction Box 251(W)x 240(D)x 71(H) mm / 1.88kg
Power Supply AC 100-120V / AC 200-240V 50 / 60Hz
Power Consumption 145VA
Designs and details can be changed without prior notice for improvements.