Tomey MR-6000 6-in-1 Multifunction Unit

Tomey MR-6000 6-in-1 Multifunction Unit

●Multifunction in one instrument

●Speedy Alignment and Mode change

●Wide range alignment by image recognition

●Sharp measurement ring and Quick mode for Ref measurement

●Air ow control for Tonometry

●Pachy measurement to obtain accurate IOP

●Topo function to detect irregular corneal shape

●Dry eye observation software

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Get accurate measurement values for Refraction and Keratometry due to an improved measurement principle.

The Quick Refraction Mode allows refraction values within seconds despite fixation loss e.g. for patients
with Nystagmus, children or uncooperative patients.

A new generation of air flow technology causes a friendly and gentle air puff.
The automated IOP correction is taking account of Pachymetry values to get reliable IOP values.

16 Mires Rings examine an area of 8 mm diameter. Several map types including Fourier Analysis lead to a wide range of corneal shape displaying opportunities.

By combining Refraction, Keratometry, Topography, Tonometry, Pachymetry and Dry Eye Analysis in a single unit, there is no need to move for each examination, times are reduced and space saved.