Shinva Clean Q Clean Electric Steam Generator

Shinva Clean Q Clean Electric Steam Generator

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Clean Q series clean electric steam generator produces clean steam by heating pure water. It has advantages of small size, fast heating, no pollution, easy operation and high reliability It can effectively solve the rust pollution on instrument and dressing material package.


  • Safe and reliable
    Low water volume, more safety, water volume less than 30L.
  • High heat efficiency
    High heating density, heat efficiency up to 98%, energy saving and environmental protection.
  • High steam production speed
    From the powered on to rated pressure (0.6~Mpa), only 10 minutes.
  • Steam cleaner
    All stainless steel material, with automatic dirty discharge function. Automatic timing to eliminate impurities inside the generator, improve the cleanliness of the steam
  • Automatic control
    One button start and fully automatic control, automatic water addition and water lack automatic cut off, heating automatic turn on or off according to the produced steam pressure, simple operation.