Panvisus Onda Lens

Panvisus Onda Lens

Refraction unit with fixed height sliding table for two instruments, with electromagnetic locking of table arm, with special drawer with tray for 236 trial lenses, with chair with electric height adjustment. Available both in right and in optional left handed versions.

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Features and standard equipment

  • Fixed height sliding table for two instruments.

  • Electromagnetic locking of table arm.

  • Very comfortable special drawer with tray for 236 trial lenses.

  • PRIMA chair with electric height adjustment and with black skai upholstery.

  • Transformer for instruments power supply.

  • Overhead lamp and chart projector support arm.

  • Anti-dust foldaway drawer for ophthalmoscope and skiascope.

  • Grey painting. Base and unit panels in wood laminate.

Accessories and special versions

  • Counterbalanced phoropter arm or motorized vertical phoropter arm.

  • Foot switch control for chair up/down movement.

  • Tip-up foot rest for Prima chair.

  • Either Gloria, Liberty, Sonne, Alles or Doctor chair, instead of Prima chair.

  • ALU version: grey painting with unit panels made of an exclusive aluminium laminate wood.

  • All F.I.S.O.’s chair coverings other than black.

  • Left-handed version.