MTP Model 2000 Value

MTP Model 2000 Value



  • Advanced Cataract Removal
  • State-of-the-Art Performance
  • Easy-to-Use Precise Controls
  • FDA Approved
  • ISO Certified Quality
  • Affordable Price

Standard Accessories

  • U/S Handpiece
  • Footpedal
  • Tubing Kit

Optional Accessories

  • Phaco Tips
  • I/A Handpiece
  • Aspiration Tips
  • Irrigation Sleeve
  • Test Chamber
  • Vitrector
  • Cautery Forceps/Cable

Features and Benefits

Most Economical Choice: MTP phacos are significantly lower in price than available phacos from other manufacturers. Additionally, all accessories are reusable, ensuring the lowest cost per cataract extraction.

Feature-packed, Easy-to-Use Consoles: Ergonomically designed for ease of operation, with large, easy-to-read displays. MTP are extremely simple to operate.

Continuously Autotuned Emulsification: The most advanced high-power ultrasonics available can emulsify all nuclei from the softest to the very hardest densities. Continuous autotuning circuitry gives the cataract surgeon superior control at all power levels and nuclei densities. Multiple Ultrasonic modes offer additional flexibility.

All-Titanium Phaco Handpieces: Constructed entirely of the ultimate surgical metal, MTP phaco handpieces will not corrode. Far better than stainless steel, titanium completely ends the possibility of corrosion. MTP phaco handpieces are lightweight and virtually indestructible.

Hi-Performance Footpedals: Multi-function footpedals with tactile feedback provide precise proportional control. Cast aluminum construction and polyurethane-armored cable make these footpedals extremely durable, yet small and lightweight.

Advanced Irrigation and Aspiration: The low-pulsation, peristaltic pump gives the cataract surgeon complete vacuum and aspiration flow rate control, as well as freedom from anterior chamber shallowing. Multiple audible tones continuously convey system status. Vacuum is fully adjustable, providing safe and adequate vacuum for the latest phaco techniques.

Built-in Vitrectomy and Cautery: An internal air compressor eliminates the connection to an external air source for vitrectomy. Cutting rate is adjustable over a wide range, including a single-cut setting for optional pneumatic scissors. Bipolar diathermy delivers predictable tissue cauterization.

Superior Components Provide Reliability: Unsurpassed component quality, from the precision peristaltic pump to the rugged stainless steel vacuum transducer, MTP phacos are built to last.