Keratron Piccolo

Keratron Piccolo

Keratron™ Piccolo: the small topographer with great performance

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The Sharpest Vision

The Keratron™ Piccolo combines excellent performance with portability and maneuverability.

Thanks to its small size, it guarantees maximum compatibility on any slit lamp, ensuring the same precision, repeatability and cornea coverage as the other topographers of the Keratron™ family.

This small topographer has a single configuration, simple and complete: support base, videocheratoscope and software.

The unique design of the Mire cone with EPCS (Eye Position Control) system makes the Keratron™ Piccolo fully adaptable to the most complex cases, ensuring better efficiency and fewer repeated attempts.


Its functions are:

– Wide coverage corneal topography
– Corneal aberrometry
– Non-invasive break-up time
– Eye position control in real time via the PC monitor