Keratron Onda

Keratron Onda

Keratron™ Onda: the optimal solution for the study of corneal and ocular aberrations

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The Sharpest Vision

Keratron™ Onda is a topographer, aberrometer and autorefractometer that allows a complete ocular diagnosis.

Complete diagnostic station, used in clinical practice and research for analysing the optical environment in the presence of ocular aberrations.


Its functions are:

Corneal topography

Ocular, corneal and internal aberrometry


Refraction measurement

Accomodative dynamics measurement

Cataract densitometry

Non-invasive break-up time

The Corneal Topography function of the Keratron™ Onda maintains the reliability and excellence of the other Topographers of the Keratron™ family.

Ocular Aberrometry and the resulting Ocular Refraction measurement can also be performed under accommodative stress by replacing the use of cycloplegics.

The continuous evolution of the software always brings new refractive survey functions. An aberrometric parameter has been identified, the “Strehl Ratio”, which allows to find, by means of a new software function, the spherical-cylindrical correction which gives maximum visual acuity, even in the presence of important aberrations.

The application of these data allows prescribing personalized ophthalmic corrections while maintaining complete control of ametrope management.