Huvitz Kaizer HFR-8000

Huvitz Kaizer HFR-8000

Huvitz Kaizer HFR-8000 Frame Reader

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Dynamic speed and precision in your business!

16,000pts high-resolution scanning and digital filtering tech

• Precise scanning of all metal and plastic frames.
• Binocular and monocular tracing are both available to meet users’accuracy and efficiency needs.

Perfect process of stereoscopic scan feature.

• Accurate tracing of high-curve frames with unique HUVITZ mechatronic technology

Now special frames are not challenging!

• Accurate scanning for concave shape, sharp edge, and narrow frame is very easy!

Slide cover that prevents dust accumulation.

• Keeping out dust will ensure durability and precision.


Tracing Type Automatic 3D Binocular Tracing
Tracing Mode Auto, Semi-Auto
Tracing Size Frame ø16.0~92.0mm, pattern ø16.0~84.0mm
Frame Material Metal, Hard Plastic, Soft Plastic
Data Processing FPD, Frame Curve, Circumference, 3D Angle Concave Shape
Dimensions / Weight 284(W) x 320(D) x 190(H)mm / 8kg
Power Supply 100 – 240V, 50 / 60Hz
Power Consumption 32W