Huvitz HTR-1A Auto Ref/Keratometer, Non-contact Tono/Pachymeter

Huvitz HTR-1A Auto Ref/Keratometer, Non-contact Tono/Pachymeter

Efficient Multitasking by Huvitz 4 in 1

4 types of diagnostic device optimized for eye health care in order to accurately measure & diagnosis

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Huvitz HTR-1A is optimized for eye health care in order to accurate measurement & diagnosis. 4 types of diagnostic device are completed with 4 in 1 System in Compact Design. Also, Full Auto Tracking & Shooting functions provide user convenience. Huvitz HTR-1A is now ready to surprise users by strong multitasking.

4 in 1 System

The 1 device includes 4 functions; Full Auto Ref/Keratometer, Non-contact Tono/Pachymeter.
Essential data for Customized Lens prescription such as Cornea Thickness, Intraocular Pressure and Refractive Power is accurately measured and acquired.

Compact Design

By compact design and size, HTR-1A is possible to save users’ space.
4 measurements from 1 device, patients don’t need to move their places and it can save their time as well.

Full Auto Tracking & Shooting

HTR-1A supports Full Auto Tracking & Shooting.
By clicking one button it automatically follows measuring pupil points and calculates accurate data.

User Friendly Interface

Icon-based intuitive & user friendly interface is convenient for any users to operate.

Flexible Joystick for easy Adjustment

With the flexible joystick & continuous direction guide, users can adjust position accurately & easily.

High Speed & Low Noise Auto Cutting Printer

10 times of measurement can be printed within 2~3 seconds.
Auto paper cutting function and one-touch paper change provide user convenience.

Tiltable 7” Touch Color Display

Adopting Wide Color LCD IPS Panel, HTR-1A provides high resolution image.
With touch & 85° Tilting display, it’s easy to monitor and share information with clients.

Upgraded Network Connectivity

By RS-232C/Ethernet support, users can export or import measurement data with previous devices and external PCs.
(EMR compatible) Wireless data