Huvitz HFC-1

Huvitz HFC-1


Huvitz HFC-1 Non-Mydriatic Fundus Camera

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PC Built-in System with Enhanced Basics

HFC-1 visualizes even fine pathological variation by an innovative optical algorithm.

20 Megapixel Camera of High Performance and Definition
Efficient Camera reducing Motion Artifact, acquires high-quality images, searches from general outline till enlargement for details.

Also, acquired images can be visualized by a variety of image mode so it can help to further analyzing, diagnosis.

A Variety of Image Modes

• Color : Brilliant & Full Spectrum Images
• Blue : RNFL, Wrinkles, Edema, Cell membrane
• Red : Pigmentary Abnormalities, Choroidal Rupture, Birthmark, Melanoma
• Red-Free : Glaucoma, Diabetic Retinopathy
• Cobalt : RNFL

HFC-1 enhances accuracy and certainty of diagnosis with high speed & utilitious analyzing functions.

Compact Design for Space Efficiency

By Compact design with built-in PC with 1TB storage, measurement, analysis, diagnosis, report can be done in one site.

HFC-1 is economically designed for space saving.

12.1″ LCD Touch Screen

HFC-1 offers high-quality resolution without afterimage thanks to real time imaging processing chip. As HFC-1 adapts Wide Color TFT LCD, users can experience live images with high resolution. In addition, Touch screen increases user convenience.

Quick & Stable Auto Tracking & Auto Shooting

HFC-1 provides quick and stable Auto Tracking & Auto Shooting based on accurate Auto-detection technology. Also, there is no need to change modes for measuring small pupil that HFC-1 automatically measures.