Huvitz CLM-9000 Digital Lensmeter

Huvitz CLM-9000 Digital Lensmeter

Enjoy the confidence with this beautiful design.

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CLM-9000 realized supreme precision with Hartmann sensor. Graphical User Interface leads the most satisfying operation providing intuitive guide.

More efficient Progressive Measurement
New designed algorism using Zernike’s polynomial allows quick detection and accurate measurement of progressive lens. The intuitive user graphic helps to easily measure lens.

Multiple Measurement Points
Hartmann sensor with multiple measurement points guarantees the reliable measurement value and the stable measurement repeatability. The auto adjustment of LED brightness depending on the detected the intensity on the sensor provides more accurate measurement of high diopter lens.

Green LED
New optical system with green LED(546nm, e-line) provides more accurate measurement result without Abbe value compensation.

Newly Designed PD Bar and Measurement Nose
The newly designed PD Bar and Measurement nose can measure small, progressive or multi-focal glasses. In addition, the operator can still use the measurement nose when measuring the near sight addition.

lncompareable UV measurement Level Assessments
Few lensmeters provide UV assessments with the exact numerical value. Feel the difference and provide patients with exact UV protection figure

Built-in Thermal Printer
Print paper can easily be changed with one-touch lever. Illustration of Axis & PD helps customers to understand the data better.

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