Eurotech OU-2000

Eurotech OU-2000

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Opthalmic Refraction Unit Fully flexible, rotating recliner chair.

Product Details

Opthalmic Refraction Unit

Fully flexible, rotating recliner chair

Technical Specialties

• Unit: Smooth-rotating, well-balanced Sliding Table Top with ample space for two instruments
• Automatic, under-the-table connection for Slit Lamp
• Touch-activated Safety Switch to stop inadvertent chair movements
• Integrated, centralized Control Console with touchstone keys
• Strong Pole to support Lamp, Phoropter, Projector & Near Vision Holder
• Convenient Instrument Holder Tray
• Dust-free, enclosed Trial Lens Rack with straight, unobtrusive, in & out sliding movement.

Control Panel

• Elegant, single-piece Console panel for centralized unit control.
• Multifaceted controls for chair movements.
• Built-in connectivity for Indirect Ophthalmoscope, Near Vision Holder & Projector.
• Fully flexible, rotating recliner chair
• Silent, CE-marked, German DC motor-driven, up & down movements and inclination, and Zero Position Memory
• Adjustable footrest, which can be fully raised to sleeping position
• Foot Switch for fluid up / down movement control
• Comfortable polyurethane-filled Seat
• Full movement control from back rest panel
Now, available in colour-coordinated chair & unit combinations!!
[Available in Right-handed (Standard) & Left-handed Models]