Charops CME-9000

Charops CME-9000

Charops CME-9000 Patterned Edger

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Product is Discontinued


Intuitive and Graphical Interface
Touch screen provides user-friendly user interface and the graphic icons help the user to easily operate the unit.

Constant Clamp Pressure Control
High quality screw with excellent surface roughness through barrelling process can allows to precisely control constant clamping pressure and to avoid any lens break.age and axis twisting prevent lens from break and rotation.

Motorized Weight Control
Compared with traditional patterned edgers with manual carriage weight control system, CME9000 allows the user to simply control carriage weight by touching the icon on the screen.

Bigger Wheel for Faster Speed
125mm diameter wheel has higher edging speed, specially when edging thick lens or PC lens.

Silent and Clean Environment
The sealed edging room and double(front ft back) water supply system provide clean and slient working condition.